30-Day Sleep Quality Wellness Challenge

Each member from our Yarmouth Local that chooses to participate in our 30-Day Sleep Quality Challenge will be emailed a baseline-survey about your current sleep quality. 

Each week for 30-Days, beginning on March 1st, participating members will be provided with information via a non-employer email to explore one of the 4 pillars to improve sleep quality, as well as valuable information regarding how that pillar impacts our overall sleep. 

Each enrolled participant is encouraged to complete this self-paced sleep-quality improvement challenge
Upon the conclusion of the 30-days, the original survey questions (along with some specific challenge-related questions) will be provided again to determine if improvements have been achieved. 

Participants who complete each component of the 30-Day Challenge will have a chance to receive a prize that can support the further development of their sleep hygiene. 

Each interested Yarmouth Local NSTU member will be asked to provide a non-employer email that is checked frequently in order to receive important key information that will support the achievement of the 30-Day Challenge. 

This challenge is NOT a competition between members because ideally, we will all receive the benefits of improved quality of sleep (potential prizes are a bonus).

To participate in our Yarmouth Local 30-Day Sleep Quality Challenge, please respond to this email with a non-employer email of your choice.

*For further information or to sign up, simply respond to this by email with your preferred non-employer email to neyorke@nstu.ca !

Thank you and please encourage your fellow members to participate!


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