10K Steps a Day

Hey All, Allen here, the First VP of the Yarmouth Local.

First off Summer was way too short and now we are back at what we love doing. However, over the Summer I seem to have added a bit more to my teaching awesomeness than I wanted. So this year I am going to to try and be healthier by the end of this new School Year than I was at the beginning. In the process I also want you to join me.

Starting in September, the Yarmouth Local NSTU is offering a Monthly Challenge. The goal is to change habits and become healthier. The first is pretty straight forward. 10,000 steps a day.

What do you get for all that stepping? Each day you hit 10,000 plus steps come back to the Yarmouth Local Website and fill in the form. You will be entered into a draw at the end of the month for a $25 gift card! Why the stepping? Simply put, I want to become more active in my lifestyle and this is one little thing you can do to improve that. What a great opportunity to buy yourself a new pedometer!


  • Must work at a Yarmouth County School or Site.
  • Must be a member of the NSTU

So, Happy Stepping and remember, be honest!


Allen Whittaker – First VP Yarmouth Local